Ideas to Market your SaaS Business

When it comes to marketing, SaaS has it own set of rules. Prospects research and buy largely online, which means driving people into free trials and demos are crucial. In recent years, selling software as a service has become the norm for both selling and buying software. Many buyers are over initial objections around security and control and have adapted this new model of buying software. The cost now to develop and market software has decreased, lowering barriers to entry and the way of updating SaaS with instant updates means there is often little differentiation between competing products.nn

As a result, SaaS marketers have largely, and rightly, adopted digital marketing tactics u2013 a good website, traffic from search engines, email campaigns and social media. Some have ventured into content marketing already, for others itu2019s on the to-do list. SaaS marketing success rests on laying solid strategic foundations, and this guide will draw on our experience working with SaaS businesses since 2009 to share critical insights for lead nurturing success.


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28 Aug 2020


SAAS, Marketing

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Build a marketing strategy specifically for your SaaS solution.

Having said that SaaS marketing is unique, the principles for success remain the same bread and butter basics as any product. A prospectu2019s urge to buy is based on your solution solving their business problems, and educating them around that point relies on your marketing activity creating empathy and building appropriate messages about your technologyu2019s capabilities. Add to this a clear call to action and youu2019re likely to stimulate a response.

However, making the business benefit messages of your solution resonate means understanding the unique conditions of the SaaS market. The value proposition has changed, because itu2019s now less about the IT department acting in isolation; there are more decision makers in the technology acquisition process, and therefore the role of your marketing strategy is to advise several personnel within the company on the best course forward for any required tool.